Premier Wellness Amenities for Residents

  Dwell Kept partners with Luxury Residential Properties to provide wellness lifestyle amenities for health-conscious communities. 


Through our comprehensive wellness offerings Dwell Kept can help you increase occupancy, referrals and retention while leveraging your existing infastructure.

Good for you, good

for renters. A real





Modern renters want amenities that reflect a health-conscious lifestyle—3 out of 4 renters say they’re actively working toward a healthier lifestyle. With no upfront investment help tenants live better while gaining:

  • A cutting-edge competitive advantage 

  • New digital amenity

  • Understand tenants with data and insights

  • Unlock new revenue and gain greater ROI

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Our Services 

 Our services are organized into three categories, 
 each focusing on a different facet of health & wellness

Home Health Cleaning Services 

A clean home is a healthy home. Our dwell keepers provide a suite of cleaning and organizational services that  ensure dirt and dust don’t compromise the health of residents. We follow a thorough checklist of cleaning procedures to ensure we leave residents with a healthy, happy home. 

1:1 Personal Wellness Services For Residents 

We connect renters with certified personal trainers, wellness coaches, chefs and more that not only will the get the most out of the building features, but they will be guided to better well-being with the help of top experts.

Wellness Events  & Group Fitness 

Planning events takes time and effort  property managers don’t have. Our trained community managers come in, developing a wellness-focused social calendar  and group fitness schedule designed to more closely connect residents, helping them achieve health and feel even more at home.. 

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